Our Strength


At Avaneetha, to produce yarn to international Standards, an array of Rieter machines such as Automatic Bale Plucker, Mixers and contamination cleaners (Jossi) new generation TC-06 cards, SB 20 and D 40 Draw frames, LR 6 Ring frames and most importantly Schlafhorst AC-05 auto coners are deployed.

LR6 Ring Frame

Schlafhorst Autoconer-5


Meticulos care is taken right from the selection of the raw-material to provide consistent yarn quality up to end products level.

Raw Material Selection

Avaneetha employs the high quality raw cotton such as Shankar6 which is known for its superiority in terms of fitness and good feel.

Extra long stable varieties are also used based on specific requirements.

The Quality of cotton procured has a direct and measurable impact on the quality of yarn.

Process Measuring

Quality parameters are strictly maintained and ensured by quality testing equipments like HVI, Uster Tester ( UT-5 ), Classimat etc. at every stage of manufacturing.

Uster 5 level, the best in spinning industry, is being achieved by using quality cotton, plant and machinery and in process testing.

Contamination Free Yarn

Our Contamination leval per kg of knitted fabrics is not more than 2 Levels and most of the cases Contamination Presence is Zero Level.

Because our Blowroom Contamination Sorters and auto coner yarn clearers are working with optimum settting standards.The entire yarn production is auto leveled, auto coned spliced.

Perhaps the ultimate testimonial to our commitment to Quality is our ever-increasing list of clients, across the globe.